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Heavy Duty Diesel Damper

Replacement Haevy Duty Vibration Dampers            Vibratech TVD Viscous Torsional Vibration Damper

Crankshaft Vibration in Diesel Engines: The Need for Viscous Crankshaft Damper Technology

Torsional vibration occurs naturally on every engine’s combustion cycle. In each cylinder, the initial force of ignition twists the crankshaft ahead of its natural rotation. Then, during the exhaust cycle the crankshaft metal rebounds. This repeated twisting and rebounding motion happening while the crankshaft rotates creates vibration. All engine parts that contribute to generating torque and the design and material of the crankshaft, affect the magnitude of torsional vibration.

Torsional vibration spikes occurring from normal engine operation cause metal fatigue. This is especially damaging when torsional vibration amplifies in phase with the crankshaft’s own natural frequency. Torsional vibration robs power, fuel economy and causes engine wear. Continuous flexing of the crankshaft also causes metal fatigue and crank failure, much like bending a nail back and forth until it breaks.   

The Vibratech TVD viscous torsional damper is an American Made product that has taken the hard lessons learned at the race track and applied these lessons to the big rigs diesel engines. Vibratech TVD is a global leader in viscous damper manufacturing, engineering, and torsional vibration analysis for gas engines, diesel engines and power train applications.

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Cummins ISX Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper
Cummins ISX Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper
List Price: $625.00
Your Price: $549.74
You Save: $75.26 (12 %)
Cummins ISX Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper
The Cummins ISX Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper from Vibratech TVD® 718041-600 is an American Made Damper that automatically self-tunes to optimize damping of crankshaft torsional vibrations in real time to increase the life of your Cummins ISX diesel
Vibratech 713396-000 Heavy Duty Diesel Damper
Cummins NTC / NTA / FFC 400-475 / 855 Diesel Damper
Your Price: $529.31
Cummins NTC / NTA / FFC 400-475 / 855 Diesel Damper
The Vibratech TVD® 713396-000 Heavy Duty Diesel Damper is designed for the Cummins NTC / NTA / FCC 400-475 engines with a free rotation inertia ring surrounded by a viscous silicone fluid enclosed in a laser welded, sealed housing.
Vibratech Viscous Dampers are MADE IN THE USA!  Vibratech Heavy Duty Vibration Dampers
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